(dt 2011)disaster come again,sorrow in japan
Japan, a state in east Asian continent or more knowledgeable asia east on this day the date of march 11 2011 getting a accident and disaster which can anticipating but cannot knowing when come.
earthquake 8,9 scale of richter knock over of ocean pasifik and generate the disaster tsunami with the height 10 metre of dashing against state gone forward in the field of technologi this area asia. This Posting only I write to follow to to sorrow for tragedy befalling technological center of this asia. and hopefully citizen Indonesia residing in this sunrise country, and work as labour indonesia there is not incured by impact from this accident. tsunami japan that happened is occurence which cannot anticipating but having to taking heed. Follow to sorrow for tragedy tsunami of japan march 2011. Prayer from a new recognize the technologi hopefully with the strength and progress owned the japan earn convalesce swiftly and don't affect the negativity for progress tehnologi in area asia.
apologize if/when Ianguage inggris improper because newly learn to write the Ianguage inggris only rely on dictionary.

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